Bringing Dealers Inventory, Consumers, Repairs & Market Intel


Used Acquisitions
Boost gives you instant access to national private party inventory covering every state in the union. Our unique inventory sells faster than any other used supplier.
New Car Trade-Ins
In addition to unique inventory, we have a driver behind the seat. We qualify a new buyer before we deliver their vehicle – and the seller – to the lot.
Open Recalls
The service lane just got profitable. We help you target ROs to drive revenue to the lane in addition to adding more revenue and profit to each acquisition.
Dealer Reporting
Receiving local intelligence to help you accelerate your inventory velocity is essential. Our analytics and reports help dealers make informed acquisition decisions.


BoostXchange© is the first true intelligent software exchange platform providing access to the most comprehensive, private party vehicles in the country. Our toolset allows dealers to efficiently align their buying preferences with our online inventory, and with the support of our sophisticated call/text agents. From dealer defined buy lists to our suggested buy list algorithms, dealers get targeted access to local and national opportunities, with guidance on how to make offers that transact. Our platform also offers recall repair values to specific vehicles which help our dealers make even better acquisition or trade decisions. Finally, dealers can find unique pieces of metal that you’ll never see at competitive auction lanes — metal that comes with an in-market consumer to monetize.

Dealer Activity & Inventory Reporting

We augment our intelligent software platform with reporting to drive accelerated inventory velocity and profit. Boostreports© matches dealer vehicle preferences with suggested inventory buys based on local and national supply volume, inventory mix, and estimated profit value. We also include historical buying and and average days on the lot to enhance decision making. Boostreports© is included with the BoostXchange© package.

Open Recall Appointments

We didn’t forget about driving revenue and customers to the service lane. Our Boostrecall© appointments keep the lane humming with ROs that average $520 per repair with an average 40% more in repair upsell value per fix. On top of that, our dealers convert 1 of 6 recall repairs into a new car transaction, and 2 of 6 used vehicle sellers lead to a straight up acquisition. Boostrecall© makes target acquisitions that much more profitable.

Trade-In To New Vehicles

When you buy a piece of metal from the auction lane, it nevers comes with a warm body... but Boosttrade© inventory does. After acquiring a vehicle or servicing a recall provided by Boost, our dealers convert consumers to new car purchases. In addition, Boost converts our customers to trade-in purchases — we work with dealers to put numbers on their car — and we figure out their desired outcomes and direct them to our dealers with properly set expectations.